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In the world of telecom billing, versatility and stability define the gold standard.

VLM International delivers the most versatile and stable solutions for telecom providers: CLECs and resellers. We use a simple, two-pronged approach.

  1. Superior Customer Relationship Management Software, written by experts in the complexities of telecom billing... and
  2. Absolutely reliable Billing Service, with redundant equipment, power backup, data security, and staffed with efficient, responsive professionals.


  • VersatilePLUS+ The flagship product in our fleet of software solutions, the most versatile telecom billing package available. More
  • eVoIP+ ASP billing application to meet the needs of today's VoIP providers. More
  • Remit Processing Timely, accurate and affordable remittance processing. More


  • Automatic equipment monitored closely by trained and caring staff results in fail-safe envelope stuffing
  • Automatic mail sorting for postage cost savings
  • Customer-selectable paper-bill suppression
  • 24/7 support line
  • Online help desk
  • VLM has NEVER missed a billing deadline, and we never will!
  • Responsive customer service and technical staff
  • Redundant, disaster-proof Data Center
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