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VLM has earned a reputation for "Best-Looking Bills in the Business". Our bills are smart, clean, efficient and readable. They will help you keep your clients satisfied.


VLM bill VLM bill
VLM bill
VLM bill VLM bill
VLM bill
  • VLM was a pioneer in 2nd-color bill printing. 340 laser-print call data records per duplexed page.

  • 17 useful reports, including top-10 lists, bar graphs, and pie charts.

  • Communicate with your customers thru marketing messages on each bill.

  • We take pains to ensure that your bills look great, are accurately and neatly folded and stuffed, and arrive on time every month.

  • Our automatic mailing equipment & state-of-the-art sorting techniques, make it possible for you to take advantage of the latest mailing discounts. It's just a few fractions of a cent per bill, but it adds up as profit, direct to your bottom line.

  • Our redundant high-speed printers & envelope insertion machines guarantee that we will never be down on the days your bills must run.

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