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Part 1: Overview and Daily Account Maintenance


VLM is successful for two primary reasons: versatile software, and stable billing services.

Why are our billing services so stable? Because our people are committed to client success, our equipment and facilities are top-notch, and our procedures are efficient and sustainable. This page focuses on the procedures of our billing service. We believe that when you observe carefully, you'll see why you can trust us to be your billing partner.

Profile of Daily Processing Activities

When you make the transition to VersatilePLUS+, VLM will transfer all your existing data records into our database format. We then train your staff to maintain the system by adding new customers or adjusting new ones. We also train you to manage the constant flow of information into the database -- the constant stream of call records, phone number changes, etc.

Once you are up and running, you as a customer will process your own orders with your own personnel at your own offices. Your data entry personnel enter subscriber information directly into the system through the PCs that reside at your offices. Your agents can also view information through our internet-based vOnLine module. They can have secure access to the database from anywhere in the world through the internet.

Customer Account Maintenance

VersatilePLUS graph


At any step along the way, your personnel can have fast attention to questions through our customer service "trouble ticket" email system. Our customer service staff and programmers monitor this file hourly and respond quickly to your needs.

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