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Part 2: Daily Data Collection


Daily Data Collection

The graphical user interface (Windows GUI) simplifies input. It's easy to add all the necessary information directly into the VersatilePLUS+ system:

  1. Subscriber information such as; location name and address, telephone, account number, ANIs, billing products, rates and contacts.
  2. Provisioning information is captured during this new account generation and VersatilePLUS+ automatically formats that info for submission to network operations or the underlying carrier according to the carrier's specific file requirements.
  3. Carrier response files can be imported into the software for ANI status tracking. Most carriers accept electronic transfer of this information. VLM service personnel will help make this process painless -- we accommodate the appropriate provisioning and call record formats and assist in the implementation.
  4. Source billing transactions (CDRs) are sent to VLM by the network operations mediation device or by the underlying service provider. Part of service setup is placing VLM on the authorized list to receive this data. The call record detail is sent to VLM either electronically or via express overnight delivery on magnetic medium.
  5. Upon receipt, VLM initiates a series of quality control measures and safeguards to protect data integrity and provide the customer with an audit report. For example, after every change, we test our rating engine with over 800 test calls any time changes are made.
  6. Following these steps, the actual call processing (rating, taxing and discounting) is performed by VLM.

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