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Part 3: Invoice Processing



Prior to a billing cycle run, VLM's Operations Center will download information from the client site to the VLM processing facilities where call processing is completed. The powerful VersatilePLUS+ billing service system performs the necessary steps to insure accuracy:

  1. Rates are calculated
  2. Necessary taxes are applied
  3. Correct discounting plans are invoked
  4. One-time fees and recurring charges are calculated
  5. Payments and credits are applied

Complete and thorough quality control measures are in place at each step of the process. For example, in the first several months of operation, our staff will randomly select call records and examine them for correctly applied rates, discounts and taxes.

If all of these quality control measures pass our careful scrutiny, then the actual laser printing, stuffing and mailing of the invoices occurs. VLM makes a contractual commitment to complete client invoices no more than five (5) business days from the commencement of a new billing cycle.

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