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End User
Bill Reports

VLM and its customers recognize that the biggest "value added" service a vendor can provide to its business clients is superior, dependable and understandable management reports. Our software delivers 23 of these user-selectable report types for the end-users' bills:

  • Outbound Reports
    Information Summary Report
    Ten Longest Duration Calls
    Ten Most Expensive Calls
    Ten Most Frequently Called Area Codes
    Ten Most Frequently Called Cities
    Ten Most Frequently Called Numbers
    Total Usage by Line
    Usage by Line
    Usage by Project Accounting Codes
  • Inbound Reports
    Inbound Usage by Point of Termination
    Ten Longest Duration Calls
    Ten Area Codes (most Frequent)
    Ten Most Expensive Calls
    Ten Cities That Call Most
    Ten Numbers That Call Most
    Total Usage by Line
  • Graphs:
    Account Codes
    Call Summary
    Daily Call Summary
    Pager Fees
    Total Monthly Usage By Call Type
    Usage By Time of Day
    Usage By Line

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