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The VersatilePLUS+ software also helps resellers manage their own business with a comprehensive set of management reports. This information is used by the telecom service buyer to evaluate activity on its network and to monitor costs.

AR Aging
AR Cash Receipts
AR Communication Taxes
AR Credit/Debit Memo
AR Customer Recurring Charges
AR Customer Transactions
AR Over Credit Limit
Agency Cash Receipts
Agency Listing
Billing Plan Customers
Billing Plan Listing
Call Volume Report
Credit Card Customers
Customer ANI Listing
Customer Contact Log by Date
Customer Contact Log by Rep
Customer Contacts
Customer Invoice Layout
Customer Invoice Listing
Customer Listing
Customer Listing by Account
Customer Listing by Carrier
Customer Listing by Name
Customer Listing by Sales Rep
Customer Paging Fees
Customer Sales
Customer by Location Types
Customer with ANIs by Name
GL Balance Sheet
GL Chart of Accounts
GL Income Statement
GL Journal Entry Reports
GL Period Report
GL Transaction Detail
GL Trial Balance
International Customer Rates
International Rate Plans
Internet Customer Information
Invoice Credit Limit Percent
Telecommunications Product Listing
Product Commission Reports
Representative Cash Receipts
Representative Sales Reports
Representatives by Market Type
Representative by Region
Sales Representative Listing
Terms and Net Due Days
Vendor Listing
Vendor Sales
Vendor Type

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