Because of VLM, billing is one thing I don't have to worry about. And it's a critical piece. If in this business you don't bill correctly and on time, you go out of business....Their bill gives you every report you could possibly want -- and more. They also have eBill, which is a web-based bill that you can design to appear any way you want, electronically. I've been using VLM since 1995, and have not wanted to move to anything different. It works.... VLM's motto should be, "On Time Every Time."... VLM has the best-looking bills in the business. They always have. Other people try to copy their bills.

Rob MocasPresident, Easton Telecom, an Ohio-based national CLEC

The bill is the 2nd most important thing in this business. I would say the first, but of course the pricing and marketing is first -- you have to get a client. But after you get a client, the next thing the client sees is the bill. ... Your marketing depends on your billing. Flexibility -- If your billing is correct, if your billing has custom features -- you can do so much. You can tailor plans to your customers.... There's no hassle. If somebody already has a billing company, and they think, "it's going to be hard to switch over" -- we did the switch within one week. We called VLM, and in 3 days they had converted all our customer records over to their system. VLM is the best.

PresidentA Chicago-based CLEC for Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian speakers

Our agents love the VLM software -- it helps them do follow-up calls.

Customer Service ManagerMidwestern CLEC

VLM is Number One. The software has lots of functionality, reports, graphics, and E-bill options. They are the right players, and have the right strategic partners. At startup, they were ready, willing and eager. I like their licensing plan and I loved that we didn’t have to do billing in-house. Their customer service is very good — outstanding.

Operations ManagerCalifornia Provider

We priced several other billing services that were higher than VLM. Apples to apples, their rates are very reasonable -- well worth it. Their bills look great -- many of our customers comment favorably.

PresidentGeorgia Reseller